Hindu Names for Girls and with their meanings 2023

You all know how that Hindu religion is most popular in now days every indian has their unique name with unique meaning so here I am going to give a names with their meanings so you can easily get names for girls to keep names.
There are many names available in Hindu religion so here I am going to provide you most used names in Hindu religion. Most used names.

1. Aadhya - First power; Goddess Durga; First; Unequalled; Perfect; The Earth; Another ornament

2. Aadithi - Mother of the Gods; Liberty; Perfection; Creativity; Freedom; Safety; Abundance

3.Aadvika - World; Earth; Unique

4.Aadya - First power; Goddess Durga; First; Unequalled; Perfect; The Earth; Another ornament

5.Aahana - Inner light, Immortal, Born during the day, the First rise of the Sun

6.Aaira - The beginning; The principle; The breathe of life

7.Aakaansha - Wish; Desire; Dream

8.Aakriti - Shape; Form; Figure; Appearance

9.Aakruthi - Shape; Structure

10.Aamrutha - State of deathlessness; Immortality; Divine nectar of the god

11.Aanika - Goddess Durga; The brilliance of the stone

12.Aanaya - Without a superior; God has shown favour

13.Aaradhaya - Worshipped; Blessing of Lord Ganesh.

14.Aaradhana - Worship; Adoration

15.Aarathi - Worship; Hymns sang in praise of God; Divine fire in ritual.

16.Aarohi - A music tune; Progressive; Evolving

17.Aarushi - Dawn, Red sky in the early morning, First rays of the Sun; Flame; Bright; Life giving.

18.Aashika - One without sorrow; Mercury; Sweetheart; Beloved

19.Aathmika - Related to Aathma, Soul

20.Aavantika - Ancient Malwa; Ujjain; Infinite; Humble; Modest; The sacred city of Ujjain

So, if you are looking for Indian little baby girl names, below is a Hindu and Sanskrit girls' name list for your reference: 

1 Aadhya First power
2 Aahana Inner light; the one who is immortal; first ray of the sun
3 Aachal One who is steady
4 Ati Extreme
5 Aarna Goddess Lakshmi; water, wave, stream
6 Advika World, earth, unique
7 Adweta Inspirational, idealistic
8 Adya First power; Goddess Durga; first; unequalled; perfect; the Earth
9 Amaira The one who will be beautiful forever
10 Amrita Immortality
11 Amruta The immortal one
12 Anika Goddess Durga; the brilliance of stone
13 Anvi Name of a Goddess
14 Anya Full of grace
15 Arunima Glow of dawn
16 Arya Noble Goddess
17 Avni The Earth
18 Barkha Rain
19 Bhavna Goddess Parvati; purity; a gift from God
20 Baghyawati Lucky
21 Bhanumati Full of lustre; famous
22 Bhavani Goddess Parvati
23 Brinda Tulsi – holy basil
24 Bishakha A star
25 Bina Understanding
26 Bimala Pure
27 Bhavini Emotional; a beautiful lady
28 Chaaya Life
29 Chaitaly Name of an ancient city
30 Chakrika Goddess Lakshmi
31 Chaman A garden
32 Chameli Creeper with fragrant flowers
33 Chanchal Active; Goddess Laxmi
34 Chandani Moon light; a river
35 Charita The one with a pleasant character
36 Chasmum Chase
37 Chavvi Reflection; image; radiance
38 Daksha The Earth
39 Dhriti Courage; morale; steadiness; command; pleasure; determination; patience; virtue
40 Divya Divine
41 Diya A lamp
42 Dalaja Produced from petals
43 Damini Lightening
44 Damyanti Soothing
45 Darika Maiden
46 Dayamai Kind; merciful
47 Dayita The beloved one
48 Deepa A lamp
49 Dipta Illuminated
50 Edhitha Increased
51 Eiravati Lightening
52 Ekaja The only child
53 Ekani One
54 Ekanta Solitude; peaceful
55 Ekta Unity
56 Eshana Wish, desire
57 Eta Luminous
58 Ekantika Single-focused
59 Ekiya Unity
60 Falguni Beautiful
61 Forum Fragrant
62 Falak A star
63 Gauri Fair, white
64 Geetika A little song
65 Ganga Holy river in India
66 Garima Strength; honour
67 Gaurangi The giver of happiness
68 Gayathri The mother of Vedas; Goddess Saraswati
69 Gaurika The pretty one
70 Gautami River Godavari
71 Hiral Lustrous
72 Harini Deer-like
73 Hemangini A girl with golden body
74 Hema Beautiful
75 Harinakshi Doe-eyed
76 Harita Green-coloured; grass
77 Hemal Golden
78 Hemani Goddess Parvati
79 Ira The Earth
80 Irya The powerful one
81 Isha The protector
82 Ishani Lord; master, ruler
83 Ishanvi Goddess of knowledge
84 Ishita Superior; wealthy
85 Idika The Earth
86 Ijaya Sacrifice
87 Ikshita The visible one
88 Indali The powerful one
89 Jagrati Awakening
90 Jagvi Worldly
91 Jalsa Celebration
92 Janaki Goddess Sita
93 Januja A daughter
94 Janya life
95 Jasmit The famous one
96 Jeevika Source of life
97 Jhalak Glimpse; spark
98 Kashvi Shining, bright
99 Kavya A poem
100 Krisha Divine
101 Krishna Lord Krishna
102 Kamya Wish, desire
103 Kashish
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