Java/Apache Maven: Stop Building Java Programs the Hard Way!

Apache Maven: Secrets of Building and Managing Java and Java Spring Projects. Learn to use the Java Build Tool.

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What you'll learn

  1. Set up your development environment for Java and Maven
  2. Use Maven in 'Real World' Scenarios
  3. Gain knowledge of Maven Fundamentals and how to apply them
  4. Learn about Maven Plugins and how to effectively use them!
  5. Learn about the Maven LifeCycles
  6. Learn how to Customise the Maven LifeCycles to suit your needs!
  7. Learn about Transitive Dependencies and how they are resolved!
  8. Learn how to build and deploy a Java console application as a stand-alone executable jar
  9. Learn how to build and deploy a Java Web application that uses the Spring MVC framework

This course includes:

3.5 hours of on-demand video
8 downloadable resources
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of completion

Course content

14 sections • 38 lectures • 3h 17m total length

2 lectures • 8min

4 lectures • 18min

Some additional detail on Setting up Apache Tomcat
2 lectures • 9min

JUST ENOUGH MAVEN... - 6 lectures • 23min

Introduction to the POM or Project Object Model - 2 lectures • 10min

LIFECYCLES - 2 lectures • 12min

PLUGINS --4 lectures • 20min

Phases - 2 lectures • 11min


TRANSITIVE DEPENDENCIES - 4 lectures • 18min

SCOPE - 2 lectures • 11min


TROUBLESHOOTING MAVEN -- 1 lecture • 4min

Congratulations ... - 1 lecture • 1min


Some knowledge of Java
Eclipse IDE is used so some knowledge of it or a different IDE would be useful
***NOW UPDATE in 2019!!***

For Java, why do we need a Build Tool like Maven, when we have an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)?

Doing a Java build in an IDE is OK “Only” when it’s a simple project, for a single developer but once you go beyond that things start getting complicated and you'll need a build tool, such as Maven. 

  With complicated Java and Spring Framework projects you need to think about many more things. For example; other project dependencies, sharing code, version control, etc... 

This Maven Course is an introduction to the widely used Java Build Automation Tool - Apache Maven and is completely hands-on. The course is easy to follow and uses Maven from both the command line and through an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). 

You will learn how to install and set up the environment correctly, so you can use Maven from the command line and from the Eclipse IDE. 

Learn how to use Maven in 'Real World Java' scenarios, so you can apply your new knowledge in 'Real World Java' projects, straight away! 

Using examples you will learn about the Maven Repository, Plugins, LifeCycles, Customizing the LifeCycles, and Transitive Dependencies. How to make the most of the Eclipse IDE and its m2Eclipse plugin to view and resolve project dependencies. 

You will be up and running with Maven in only 4 hours!! 

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Who this course is for:

  • Java developers
  • Anyone who wishes to professionally build and deploy their Java Applications
  • new Java developers
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