Gmail Shortcuts Key That will help you to send faster mail

 If you use Gmail frequently for checking and responding to emails, you can use the service's built-in keyboard shortcuts to complete these tasks quickly and effectively.

Gmail shortcuts, on the other hand, are barely talked about compared to shortcuts for other services. Additionally, in order to use these shortcuts, Google requires that you enable them on your account.

Don't worry, we'll walk you through everything there is to know about Gmail shortcuts online, including how to enable them, the best Gmail keyboard shortcuts to use, and how to make your own unique Gmail shortcuts.

  • In Gmail, Google provides a number of keyboard shortcuts to assist you with managing your emails.
  • There is a keyboard shortcut for almost everything, including navigating the interface, creating emails, formatting the text of emails, organizing different emails, and managing the inbox.
  • You can use any web browser to access and use all of these Gmail keyboard shortcuts online.
Google, by default, doesn’t have all the shortcuts enabled in Gmail on the web. So, if you wish to use them, you must enable them first.

Here are the steps to do this:

Go to Gmail and log in to your account.
Click Settings (gear icon) in the upper-right corner of the screen and select See all settings under Quick settings.
In the General tab, scroll down to Keyboard shortcuts and select the radio button next to Keyboard shortcuts on.

In Gmail on the web, Google does not, by default, have all the shortcuts enabled. So, in order to use them, you must first enable them.
The steps are as follows:

1. Log into your account at Gmail by going there.
2. Under Quick settings, click Settings (gear icon) in the top-right corner of the screen, and then choose See all settings.
3. Select the radio button next to "Keyboard shortcuts on" in the General tab by scrolling down to it.
4. Save It

Access newer conversationk
Access older conversationj
Access previous message in a conversationp
Access next message in a conversationn
Open a conversationo or Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac)
Go to next Inbox section`
Go to previous Inbox section~
Go to next pageg + n
Got to previous pageg + p
Go to Inboxg + i
Go to Starred conversationsg + s
Go to Snoozed conversationsg + b
Go to Sent messagesg + t
Go to Draftsg + d
Go to All mailg + a
Go to Tasksg + k
Compose a new emailc
Compose in a new tabd
Add cc recipientsCommand + Shift + c or Ctrl + Shift + c
Add bcc recipientsCommand + Shift + b or Ctrl + Shift + b
Insert a linkCommand + K or Ctrl + K
SendCommand + Enter or Ctrl + Enter
Reply alla
Update conversationShift + n
BoldCommand + b or Ctrl + b
ItalicsCommand + i or Ctrl + i
UnderlineCommand + u or Ctrl + u
Numbered listCommand + Shift + 7 or Ctrl + Shift + 7
Bulleted listCommand + Shift + 8 or Ctrl + Shift + 8
QuoteCommand + Shift + 9 or Ctrl + Shift + 9
Previous fontCommand + Shift + 5 or Ctrl + Shift + 5
Next fontCommand + Shift + 6 or Ctrl + Shift + 6
Increase text sizeCommand + Shift + + or Ctrl + Shift + +
Decrease text sizeCommand + Shift + - or Ctrl + Shift + -
Alight leftCommand + Shift + l or Ctrl + Shift + l
Alight centerCommand + Shift + e or Ctrl + Shift + e
Alight rightCommand + Shift + r or Ctrl + Shift + r
Remove formattingCommand + \ or Ctrl + \
Select all conversations* + a
Deselect all conversations* + n
Select read conversations* + r
Select unread conversations* + u
Select starred conversations* + s
Select unstarred conversations* + t
Select an email individuallyx
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